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30DC: 12 + 13

Hi, Ho!

DAY 012: Five Guys Whom You Find Attractive.

insert smutty laugh– In fear of sounding like a total douche-ette and only caring about looks (hard, I know!) I’ll hit five different guys on the basis of the 10 traits of a real man. As it would be too easy to add my own boyfriend to this list, and not all together that fun in the spirit of this thirty day challenge, the men listed below have to hit at least two of the qualities on the AskMen’s list. Personally, this makes everything so much more challenging.

01: Tim Burton – maybe not the most dashing man in the world, but certainly, he is a creative genius and all together one of my favorite directors. His creative intellect alone could be the basis on my on-going attraction to him.

traits: made his own fortune, focused, does not look like a woman

02Abraham Lincoln – Favorite president, ever. And he could have been a vampire slayer? COOL!

traits: focused, knows the importance of family, word is his bond, strives to be a role model, made his own fortune, can defend himself

o3: Robert Pattinson – say what you may of him, but I personally feel that the grace he took (at least in the public eye) is quite commendable. Loved him since HPGF days, and it really doesn’t hurt that he’s British, of course.

traits: can defend himself, doesn’t gossip, word is his bond, is strong, knows the importance of family, focused

04: Eric Northman – yes, I realize that he is a title character in the True Blood/The Southern Vampire Series, but did you honestly think I’d not include at least one hunk that fit the bill on this list?! I fell in love with his character as the TV series progressed… whereas his true nature is shown in spurts or in flashbacks, I think there’s a lot of depth of “real man” in his character. Alexander Skarsgard – the actor that portrays Northman – is cute to boot too (for some reason I’ve been on a Swedish guy rampage!). Preferred him more as the lost-loving type versus the angry-possessive, but I can’t complain.

traits: can defend himself, doesn’t gossip, word is his bond, is strong, knows the importance of family, focused, does not look like a woman, keeps his house in order

05: Hugh Jackman – in a age of failed marriages, Jackman and his wife Deborra-Lee Furness have strove onwards and forwards. Doesn’t hurt one bit that he’s played Wolverine (X-Men being own of my favorit super-hero series), is a philanthropist, and has triumphed both movie and theater stages. Would he be considered a Renaissance man in my eyes? Quite possibly.

traits: can defend himself, is strong, knows the importance of family, focused, does not look like a woman

Day 13: your opinion about your body and how you feel about it

I think, at the core, every person in somewhat insecure about their bodies, especially if they were to be, let’s say, naked in front of their significant other.

I know I am.

But, for the most part, I’m pretty happy with my body. Although it would be nice not to have the back pain associated with the weight that I’ve gained in the last three years… I’m not entirely unsatisfied. However, my “coming to terms” about my more… curvy body is still not a reason for my not to get back into shape — especially since I’m planning on backpacking to several places before I’m 30.

So the moral of the store? I’m happy with the way I look, but for practicality, I need to get into better shape.

Hypocrite, much?

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30DC: 07

Okay, so I’m going to start admitting that writing about myself is getting slightly tedious. Not because I’m not knowledgeable in the area, but because it’s really starting to make me examine and re-evaluate aspects of my life – especially the more questionable parts.

But, I guess, that was one of the intentions of creating this website, to start documenting my progress through my twenty-somethings and truly make me accountable for my living (thus, the DIY part – ha! it’s not all about crafts).

I digress…

Prompt of the day: 5 pet peeves

  1. When someone sneezes in a roomful of people, and not a damn was given that day. It’s not the scary to say “bless you” to a stranger – heck, you might get lucky and it might be your future spouse!
  2. Leaving the ends of the bread loaf for someone else to deal with. Is it that hard to throw it away, or turn it inside out and make another sandwich?! This goes doubly for when only crumbs are left in snack bags – I won’t judge you if you eat the entire thing, but I will if you’re being a scrooge and leave one bite of the chip left.
  3. People that use bluetooth/ear pieces while at the supermarket or another public place– If you’re going to be talking in a high pitched voice about yourself, I’m going to assume that you are clinically crazy and off your meds until you turn your head and I see your ear piece. Better yet… let me slowly back away…But in all honesty, I get the point of using a headset while you’re shopping because you needed to take the call or you just really, really, need someone to talk to while you’re doing something so mundane as shopping for your dinner, but, honestly, when I go shopping it’s to get away from life and contemplate how long I can put a food item in the fridge before it goes bad. I don’t want to add on top of that how you went to your dentist and you had three new cavities.
  4. People that don’t wash their hands after going to the bathroom.
  5. (in the same frame of thought) When guys don’t put the toilet seat down after using the bathroom. Not that I don’t mind having to put the toilet seat down, but I know you guys don’t always aim correctly.

What are your pet peeves?

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