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Okay, so I admit I’m a desert-er of sorts when the times get tough. Or, actually, when I’m just too busy to consistently find inspiration/time/a desire to do anything for an extended amount of time. Thankfully, it’s the summer. Goodbye 22 unit quarters! It’s a time for a 9-5 job, a steady paycheck, and evenings to myself.

Which, thankfully, brings to me to here and now. About three months ago I bought myself a juicer in hopes that I could garner enough willpower to do a 7 day juice cleanse. But alas! It ended up a 1 day event, with a few mornings thrown in for good measure. However, as the title of the post suggests, this is both a reboot for the blog and a reboot for my new healthier lifestyle.  Notice that I wrote lifestyle, instead of diet, because 1) it sounds more permanent 2) has a better connotation to it and 3) just sounds lovelier.

So, on to the so-called lifestyle change, I juiced last night:


Super juice!

If you can’t see – two carrots, one small cucumber, half an apple, and a handful of baby kale yielded about one serving of 12 ounces of delicious juice. For those that want to start juicing – or have and just stopped – I highly recommend my concoction. It’s sweet and refreshing, and definitely doesn’t feel like you’re giving anything up. If you want, and I did, add a knob of ginger to boost up the drink. Gateway drink? Me thinks so.

So I juiced up two mason jars, had one for breakfast (super cold with extra ice) and it lasted me from 8AM-2PM. Then I had lunch:


(to be fair, I only had half of those pita chips, and the sandwich like thing you see is half of one of Costco’s chicken bakes. For the love of all things, if you get one of them ever, eat half. It’s 810 calories!)

And dinner came around and my mom and I teamed up to make one of my favorite dishes, ever – Steamed teriyaki salmon with vegetables.


It’s not cooked yet, but it’s still pretty!

YUM! The salmon and vegetables are bundled in foil (or parchment paper) and baked. When you take it out of oven, everything is steamed to perfection. Interested?

And, of course, while waiting for the food to finish in the oven, juiced for tomorrow…


Squash, carrots, cucumbers, apples, and kale

With left over kale – my brother went to the Farmer’s market and brought back a lot of produce – I made a warm kale salad with roasted beets and squash. Picture tomorrow!

And now, it’s time to exercise before my night activities.

Ciao lovelies! I promise to write more often, seeing that blogging my journey to a healthy lifestyle is actually one of my main motivators of change – there’s a sense of permanency to document the journey. After all, if I make it to the end within a reasonable amount of time, there’ll be a lot of goodies. More on that later.

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30DC: 15-28

Ah, shit. I’m really bad at this updating thing. But, in my defense, it’s been pretty hectic since I last wrote something. I’m in my last few days in the northern part of CA before jetting off to school again (which, in all honesty, I’m am very much excited for). But, holy guacamole. 14 days have passed?! That’s an entire novel right there that I could have written! In internet land… that’s, like, CENTURIES!

But, hey – a novel I will write now in attempts to catch up! I guess, after this post, there will be only two more posts until I’ve “finished” this challenge. Finished, being used, as a very loose term.

Post is kinda picture heavy. You’ve been forewarned (although your browser has probably already loaded them all by now, just thought I’d be courteous)


Day 15: Your zodiac/horoscope and if you think it fits you

I’m a Scorpio, for all of your horoscope lovin’ web-netter’s out there that can garner a person’s personality from how/what they write about. And this is what my zodiac says about me (just bullets… if I had copied and pasted everything it would have been too long to post).

Taken verbatim from Zodiac Signs Astrology.

Scorpio Astrology October 23 – November 21

  • series of extremes, they can even be downright moody for no apparent reason
  • excellent memory and combined with an inability to let things go
  • persistent and determined
  • Scorpios are fierce competitors, combined with their powers of observation and their excellent memory, they will recall facts and when necessary, bring them to the table at the time of need
  •  all about intensity and contradictions
  • Scorpios are all about control, they need to be in control at all times. To be out of control is very threatening, even dangerous to the Scorpio’s psyche, when they control, they feel safe.


16: Something you always think “what if” about

what if…

  • the world was color blind?
  • humans weren’t at the top of the food chain?
  • fairy tales were real?
  • I had a Big Mac right now? Would my stomach reek revenge on me?! (I’ve been a vegetarian for about 5 years now…)
  • I had to live my life on repeat (but not a day, specifically. Let’s say, a week or a month. Just to be interesting.)


17: Something you are proud of

Making my own planner/notebook/journal. No, seriously. It’s friggin’ baller, and will get it’s own post very soon

(Sneak peak!)

Pardon that it’s a bit yellow – there’s little lighting where I am right now.


18: A problem that you have had

Forgetting things. “It’s in my horoscopic nature” you may say. If you do one thing to extremely irk me off, you betcha that 50 years down the road I’m still going to be peeved. But, thankfully, I do forgive easily, especially if you bake me a chocolate cake. Just don’t serve it with arsenic & dolly it up with old lace.

Get it??


19: Five items that you lust for

Nexus 7 (but getting it soon!) This is pretty much my first Anti-Apple large-statement purchase… Yes, I realize that leaving the Apple sphere to join into the Droid cult is essentially the same move (ie. joining another following), but with the string of recent Apple moves lately, I’ve been thinking that they’ve become a little bit too bit for my liking (pretty sure this statement is going to bite me in the ass sometime down the road).

  • Boba! Because you can never have enough…. a delicious, chewy, aromatic concoction served with a side of diabetes.



  • A (nice looking) (sturdy) (will look better after aging) leather messenger bag. Oh! Like this one

Because nothing is better than quality meeting functionality & aesthetics

Um, that’s pretty much it. I haven’t really lusted for anything all summer due to the fact that I’m trying to be as content as possible with everything that I currently own/have no business in purchasing/should really detach myself from worldly processions. I’ll probably get these items (erm, the boba and messenger bag, that is) eventually, but at the expense of tossing/donating something else.

Oh – did I mention? I threw out an entire box (about 30 articles of clothing) last week. No picture though, sadly, as I was in this frenzy of “need to get it out of my sight and into the hands of Goodwill extra-extra-extra quick before I regret something” From start to finish (including unloading the car at Goodwill, I probably de cluttered in 15 mins. Now, that’s what I call productivity!


20: Your fears

I guess I’ll put the most practical: graduating with a B.Arch degree realizing that I learned little, and can’t find a job in a related field. Oh, and not getting into a Master’s program and excelling.

And, (this is on my over arching bucket list) not traveling to Japan. That would make me so utterly devastated


21: how you hope you’re future is like

I hope it’s filled with rainbows, stars, and pixie dust.

But, no, seriously, I just hope I’m happy and get to do what I want instead of feeling obligated to follow the every whim of the people around me.


22: Your academics

I’m studying Architecture… so I’m not sure exactly what this prompt is looking for?


23: Something that you miss

Fried chicken from Popeye’s. I grew up with it in Texas and it was such a delight to eat. But since giving up meat, I still crave it in my dreams sometimes…

I hope you don’t think I’m kidding – yes, I could start eating meat again, but 1) it would totally wreck my system for the longest time, and having hives isn’t my idea of fun and 2) the only meat i would eat would be fried chicken.

So, pretty much, I’m better off with my faux Morning Start chikn ‘nuggets with lots of BBQ doused on top, practically til it becomes BBQ soup with chik’n nugget croutons on top.


24: 5 words/phrases that make you laugh

its actually is really easy to make me laugh…. i’m not sure if i have easy button words/phrases. But, when I do find out/realize that they are making my laugh manically, I’ll have to change the answer to this prompt. But for right now? I’ll just say boobies.


25: Something you’re currently worrying about

If I’ll actually be able to stick to my monetary budget for the next year.


26: Things you dis/like about yourself.

I love myself! What’s wrong with you?

Ha, I’m pretty sure the creator of this challenge was female, because body image/perception seems (more commonly) a female issue.

But, if i could pinpoint one thing that I disliked about myself, physically, would be that I wish both my eye lids had the american fold just because trying to eye line one “American” eye versus the “Asian” eye so that they appear even when my eyes open makes me waste so.much.eyeliner!

And one thing that I love about myself? I bake really, really well. Like, good enough to sell! I’ve actually sold around $400 in baked goods (donated after I payed myself for supplies), as well as was payed $200 to cater. Not bad for my self-taught-baker high school self!


27: A quote you try to live by

Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time. – Specific author not known (it’s been attributed to several different people)


28: somewhere you’d liked to move or to visit.

On my bucket list (which, until recently, has not changed in about 8 years) is to travel to Japan, Alaska, and Russia (just St. Petersburg).But, I’ve swapped out Russia for Switzerland, as my love of chocolate has grown exponentially.


WHEW! I FINISHED! Count it, 14 prompts done!

Now, if only I can make it and not get lazy on the last two…

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30DC: 14

Day 14:

Hi. My name is K & this is what I wore today. And I may or may not be obsessed with boba.

This is the dress in it’s entirety (third on on the list). I’m only about 5″1, so it drags on the floor. But, hey. That’s what heels are for.

What did you wear today?

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On purging + 30DC: 08 & 09

The great thing about having a 30 day challenge whilst not blogging daily is everything gets condensed into a single post — no fluff, fillers, or, just simply, me trying to make up excuses. But, it’s all for a good reason, I swear. Besides, blogging should be an extremely personal matter, in which YOU are the maker of the rules and YOU alone need to abide by such rules. Getting into the groove of posting something about my life/self has, for the most part, fallen to an every other day type thing.

Anyways, I digress. This post will be split into three parts, my writings for day 08 and 09 for the 30 day challenge, and my sudden desire to go a minimalist route.


08: What I ate today.

First off, I’m trying to loosely the Rabbit Food Pyramid, but haven’t stuck with it entirely just yet. It’s extremely easy to follow, though, so I shouldn’t have too much of a concern.

But, as pictures are worth a thousand words…

Breakfast (800): Half a jalapeno and cheese bagel w/ veggie cream cheese from Panera, a banana, handful of pistachios, Rooibos tea, and iron supplement (not pictured)

Mid-morning snack (1000): half a pear (not pictured)

Lunch: Lentil salad, other half of bagel with cream cheese, coffee with soymilk (super great pick me up during lunch..)

Afternoon snack (1500): handful pistachios, 1/3 of a mango, cubed

After-afternoon snack (1730): Really shouldn’t have, but a imitation crab & bread roll … it really messed up my stomach though. I think my body is adjusting to eating cleaner.

Dinner (1830): 1/2 brown and white rice mixture, spinach with balsamic vinaigrette, braised catfish

As you can see, I each a lot during the day! Not shown are the 100 or so ounces of water I chug throughout the day — I tend to have really dry skin otherwise.


09: how important do you think education is?

I will just refer to you to my about me page, no use doubling up on words, right?


I’ve been on a kick lately to reinvent almost everything, from the way I am approaching the people around me to looking at my life and figuring out how to make it more productive and healthy.  I’ve always been a fan of minimalism in architecture, after all, less is more, but I don’t think it’s ever really branched into my life until now.

Yes, I’ve had the bouts of organization and spring cleaning, but I’ve come to see that during those “moments of action” all I simply was doing was cleaning and moving things… not really purging. Almost everything I came across either held sentimental value or, I felt, could be used “one day”. But, year after year, the “one day” that it was going to go anywhere was my storage unit for the summer.

I’m not going to praise what little efforts I’ve made towards going the spartan route, but I think I’m really on the path of creating a more streamlined flow within my life. Today, I started small and locally with my iPhone – deleting all the apps I haven’t used in months, reorganizing my folders, and even deleting some photographs in the gallery that probably won’t see the light of day as my screen saver. In addition, I searched high and low for vegan, cold pressed soap bars that were multi use — for cleaning and shampooing! There goes all of the products I would have had to buy/bring with me that would do the same thing. I’m not sure how they’ll work, but I did order half sizes of all of the yummy smells I wanted. And tomorrow, when I have time, I’m going to through away all of the makeup I’ve had that are seemingly expired — who knew eyeshadow had a shelf life of 18 months?

Yes, baby steps.

Thankfully, since I’m moving back to campus in less than a month, I’ll have everything in boxes for me to sort through and purge. My promise to myself is if I even have to hesitate with an item – usually indicating it’s sentimental value – i’ll put it into a box. If it goes out of the box within a month’s time, It’ll be for keeps. Otherwise, everything will be donated.

How do you keep your life clean and orderly?



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Food for the Soul.

Food for the Soul.

Honestly, there is nothing as fulfilling as properly cooked, home-made food. With the aromas wafting through kitchen air, you know full well that it will permeate through your pores in a few hours. The idea of food cooked with purpose – nay, with love (however corny that is) is enough to know that, with the best intentions, this food is going to be damn good.

Com dia (image), or “rice plate,” is a Vietnamese dish composed of only a few essentials – rice (obviously), something pickled, meat (or, in my case, meat substitute), and vegetables (usually lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumber). The simplistic flavors of the dish is then fully realized through the sweet fish sauce (nuoc mam) in a symphony of tantalizing tastes. Savory, sweet, sour, salty. Delicate, crunchy, chewy. All your senses and textures are realized in one bite.

Whereas, I feel, other Vietnamese cuisine is overly complicated by the building of multiple layers of flavors upon one another (resulting in massive time spent in the kitchen), waiting for  the first seasoning to permeate before adding more, com dia can easily be whipped up in half an hour to hour – with a little prep work, of course- and easily feed 15 +. Certainly, the recipe can be reduced – but my family was able to feed that many with a lot more left over.

The dish’s simplistic nature is outright and to the point – simple ingredients, prepared well, become harmonious.

I’m not pressuring you to go out to your local Vietnamese restaurant and order this amazing dish, but, damn it. You’ll be rewarded with one of the simplest and humble foods that the Vietnamese cuisine has to offer. Not into simplicity or being humbled? Throw in some lobster tails and wine (we did!). The basics of com dia is neither limited nor hard to alter. Change your proportions of the ingredients to cater to those feasting on your meal –  meat eater? Great! Eat an entire plate worth of the bbq’d meat and sauce with a bit of lettuce to feel better. If you’re like me, fill half your plate with pickled goodness (especially pickled cucumbers) and round it out with brown/white rice.

Oh. And lastly, did I tell you, it’s friggin’ amazing?

Happy eating!

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