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30DC: 04, 05, 06

So maybe I’m not very good at writing every friggin day, but I think I make it up by being slightly entertaining, no? Humor me, please. Oh – and refresher – this is the challenge.

04: Bullet your entire day

(This was for Saturday, so I guess it’ll be only truthful to write about it)

  • 9:30: wake up in glorious realization that I slept in, and hadn’t slept for 9 hours in a while
  • 10: breakfast of mock huevos rancheros (alas, no picture)
  • 10:30-2:30: more food, more rejoicing, more laziness of epic proportions (with some chores). Plan for my fraternity – deal with emails & egos
  • 3:00-6: Run around frantically at the mall, trying to find clothes to buy for my brothers
  • 6-7: Dinner with one of my old friends from my camp counseling days, reminiscing about High School horniness (which we’ve concluded that high school students have too much testosterone [male and female alike], leading in freshman year crazy sex-a-thons), sexuality, and how Coke made in Mexico is far superior to it’s American counterpart.
  • 7-7:30 purchase cheese, crackers, bread, and other anti-pasto goodies
  • 8:00-sleeping time: consume said cheese, crackers, bread and other anti-pasto goodies with lots of WINE. Enjoy life and contemplate the goodness of simple meals.
  • Brush teeth
  • check emails once more, reply if needed
  • say good night to the boypren
  • Sleep and dream vivid dreams

05: Things you want to say to your ex

Oh, dear. To be quite honest, I’ve been looking forward to this specific prompt. I’m not sure which ex I wanted to “bullet” about – one was uber douche (and now with a kid!) and the other is in the military. So, I guess, I’ll speak to the general ex since they were both part of a summer fling.

  • As mean as this sounds, the fact that you knocked someone up and got kicked out of your house is a great beginning for your karmic-ass-whooping to come back to you. Serves you right for having sexual relationships with underaged girls, you dirt bag!
  • I knew I should have never trusted either you when you said “if we started dating I would give up XYZ” – whatta line, ladies, it’s a great way to make a person feel guilty and a great impetus to date him/her.
  • I should have remembered that you were a creepy guy back then, and time only intensified it. That, and the fact that your parents thought I was “the only good one” and the frist that you introduced them to speaks volumes.
  • I’m kinda sad that you’re half way around the world, but, I think it’s for the best — you call yourself a gentleman but I know you wouldn’t be able to hold off if we met up. So, shoo! Go away.
  • I wish you were my first, instead of him.
  • You’re not that cute, with your shirt off, just showered, washboard stomach, v-cut……. HOT DAMN. I hate you. I told you to stop sending me photos you jerk! *delete delete*
  • I really hope you didn’t keep those videos and photos. I really, really, really hope you got rid of them.
  • Was I just a conquest? No, seriously.
  • For all the girls you’ve ever had sex with – damn you! Friggin bareback, I’ll never forgive you – I’m happy I didn’t contract anything. So, very, very, very, happy. No wonder you preferred virgins.
  • You were one of the reason my body looked so good back then. The 2 mile run to your house put me in such great shape for the sport season. So, I guess I have to thank you.

Now that I’ve written all of that out, to be honest, I actually don’t harbor that much resentment to the both of them. I’m in such a loving relationship right now that I’ve – aghast! – at the point that I don’t care about my ex’s anymore. Either I’ve grown up, just plain forgotten the shitty relationships I had with them, or I just don’t care anymore. I’d like to think it’s a combination of all three.

Yes, I’ve had some very poor judgement of guys, but I can whole-heartedly admit that I was a sucker for those perceived “lost, broken, emotionally scarred” type of guys. Growing up, for me, was realizing that they 1) aren’t worth the time 2) are either faking it, or really need help, and it’s best of stay in the “friend zone” for both of your sakes and 3) If you didn’t like them then, be very cautious if you’re thinking of liking them now.

Just my two cents.

06: Views on mainstream music

Who am I to judge what is sound-worthy and what isn’t? Everyone has their own tastes, from gangster, sex filled rap to the ever popular bluegrass.

For the record — I try to listen to all music, even at least once.

Keep listening to what you want. But, if we’re driving in the car together and something plays that I’m not particularly fond off, please be ready for me to counter with, at the top of my lungs, “Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy….”

Of course I’m kidding! Why would I give my number to a stranger, huh?!

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30DC: 02 & 03

I had utmost intentions of filling and posting this out yesterday, but alas reality duties stood in my way. But it’s okay. I’ve decided to consolidate two day’s worth of posts for your viewing pleasure!

02: Something you feel strongly about

I actually had to spend the better half of my morning yesterday thinking this over. You see, I’m a person of many passions but while I was going down my list of my beliefs I realized, I may strongly advocate for my beliefs, but there’s nothing that I would really prompt me to do anything (e.g. do a sit in). Yes, I believe in LGBT rights, am strongly pro-choice based on circumstances, pacifist while respecting the second amendment (sorry, guys, I lived in Texas for a while), and ferociously love Gaia, but unless it has direct correlation to me, it wasn’t the strong intensity that I think the prompt is calling for.

I took to ceiling gazing, progressed to nibbling on walnuts, and then consuming a whole apple before that cursed “aha!” moment appeared. So simple, I thought –  there is nothing that bothers me more than people that crush a child’s confidence. Be it from telling them that they can’t draw, can’t sing, need to lose weight, etc. I firmly believe you are stifling them from growing into their own skin. Children, from the moment of birth, are being scrutinized based on the current ideals of the norm – why, as a mother, father, aunt, uncle, cousin, whatever, adding to the mix of viciousness? You should be building them up to face the world.

Yes, you could argue, that verbal insults are tough love – that what your’e saying is not as harsh as the taunts heard on playgrounds. So you find fault in your child – but do you have to proclaim it for them to hear? Why not do something else about it — so they may not be in the weight range as other children – go outside! Look at what you’re feeding your children and alter it. They aren’t behaving like they should? Teach them right from wrong, but don’t go so far to say that they are dim-witted.

I firmly believe that there is a time and place for everything, and while your child is developing, destroying what little self image they are building is just plain wrong.

** in no way do I condone helicopter mothers and parents that yell at teachers when their children receive poor marks. I just feel that parents are there to nurture, not create psychological problems for their kids later on. Grey Gardens being a nice example.

03: A book you love

Oh, books, let me count the ways I love thee…

I grew up extremely sheltered. Books were my only consolidation, my one gateway to the world of social interactions and trivial human problems (ahem, thank you “Are you There God, it’s Me, Margaret” for giving me insight). Out of the many years of reading, there have been only a couple of books that have had me return time and time again, staying into the wee hours of the night reading. To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, Alice and Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, and Grimm’s Fairytales to be some of my favorites. But, The Princess Bride by William Goldman (movie and books) beat out the rest.

As you can see, my favorite’s list is kinda leaning towards the fairytale world. Yes, non-fics and other works of fiction are absolutely wonderful (Catfish and MandalaThe Harry Potter Series, Les Miserables), but there’s something special about fairytales.

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30DC: 01

Embarking on a challenge of 30 days.

I love this idea; to write on a prompt (especially if you have writer’s block, ahem) while giving insight on who you are. Although I don’t necessarily think, as much as you write about your lives online, who you are (and all the good and bad that it encompasses) will ever be fully represented. Humans are multi-faceted. Who they are at one second isn’t necessarily the same person a second later (in the same stream of thought, who you are online isn’t always the same shade you are offline). Yes, I believe that core traits such as honesty, boldness, etc. are a lot harder to change, but in the end we are all fluid & adapting. In short, a new version of “us” is always in the production line.

But enough philosophy, onto day one of the challenge: Five Ways to Win My Heart

  1. Know how to cook. There is nothing sexier than a wo/man than can taken charge in the kitchen. For the most part, I’m very dominant in almost all parts of my life and I will fret over if you use a pan incorrectly, add the wrong seasonings, don’t julianne the basil neatly, etc. while in the kitchen. But if you can prove that you know your way around a stove, fridge, pantry, etc. like you’re Tyler Florence and Anne Burrell’s love child, then by all means, I hope you can take me to bed you kitchen whiz, you.
  2. Know when to cuddle and when to get friskyOkay, maybe I’m being a little harsh when I say that sex is on a man’s mind 24/7, but there’s a time and place for everything. If I’m visibly tired, ready for bed, and happen to be half naked, it is still not an invitation.
  3. Be a great conversationalist. While on a recent lunch outing with my cousin, we discussed about what we wanted to have in a partner (but I branch this out to any one I meet, now that I think about it). Flat out, I told him that even if I’m with a person that isn’t necessarily the most handsome or beautiful person in the world, so long as they could carry on an intelligent, insightful, and entertaining conversation with me, I would be oh so very happy. I’ve dated boys in the past that where cute to the tee, but that was it – they were cute. I hate to admit that I was a Shallow Hal of sorts, but now I know – at the end of the day, looks begin a relationship and conversations continue it. How does that silly quote go? “I was attracted to him/her, and then they opened their mouth” — my sentiments exactly.
  4. Make me laugh until snot/water/lemonade/etc. shoots out of my nostrils, I’m doubled over, and wheezing for air – not pretty, I can tell you
  5. Have strong (sometimes flexible) morals, standards, goals, and code of conduct that you live by each and every day – I will respect you more as a person if you know who you are, where you’re going, and how you’re going to treat the people around you as you get there. Maybe I won’t agree with them, but, so long as it’s upfront in the beginning, I’ll know how to approach you.
  6. *added bonus!: For the love of Cheese – please, please, please know how to spell and use grammar correctly 85% of the time. There is nothing more unappealing then overuse of slang and repeated misspelled words even after I spell it correctly for you in my response.

So, I ask you, dear reader, what are five ways to win your heart?

And thanks for stopping by! I’m not sure where I’m getting all of my visitors lately, but, it’s so nice that you’ve decided to visit 🙂