So after doing this exercise last night, my quads have a nice slight burn when I flex, and my calves are just no bueno. On top of that, did some additional calf raises (3 sets of 15) so everything is extra… achy.

Anyways. If you didn’t guess already, I’m kinda of a foodie. As defined by Google,

Foodie. epicure: a person devoted to refined sensuous enjoyment (especially good food and drink).

Without exception, here’s my daily dose of (healthy) food porn from my meals today.

IMG_3309Oatmeal Banana Bars, Juice, Greek yogurt w/ Chia seeds (with honey and granola)


Warm Kale salad with cherry tomatoes, roasted squash and beets and pita chips

IMG_3307Afternoon snack! Most delicious and carried me over for about two hours through my afternoon slump

Okay. I admit. chia seeds look like bugs when they’re hydrated, but the sheer fact that they are tasteless and generally very soft when hydrated, you don’t really notice them in whatever food you’re eating (and the fact that they boast omega 3’s is nice).

Do you guys have anything you like to eat to carry you through the day?


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