30DC: Day 29

I actually really like this prompt, which is probably why I’m writing it now.

5 weird things you like

  • ZOMBIES. In theory, not in reality (nor in practicality). Out of all the late-night creepy crawlers, I’m pretty sure that I could deal with zombies over, let’s say, the oogey-boggey man (The Nightmare Before Christmas is forever etched in my mind).

And, because well, zombie heros sounds so much cooler

  • AVOCADO “MILK” SHAKES/SMOOTHIES. Don’t hate until you try it. It’s so utterly sweet and delicious, and despite the fact that it looks like puke, you won’t be regurgitating it anytime soon. I actually chug this down pretty quickly…

(click for a link – the Vietnamese version uses condensed milk, which replaces the need for milk & sugar)

  • CRAWDADDIES. Some people think it’s pretty gross, since crawdaddies (crawfish) live in the muck and mire, but if you’d only image them as mini lobsters, it makes it sound so much more appealing. But, I don’t stop at just nibbling at the tail meat, I slurp all the way into the top portion, where all the flavor’s at.

(I try not to look into their eyes while I’m eating them up. Makes for a better eating experience)

  • BALANCING THE LIGHT SWITCH BETWEEN ON/OFF. Probably really bad for the electrical circuits, but I love tettering between the two options, in total suspense if the lights are going to turn on. I’ve seriously spent about 5 minutes doing this at one point because it was so fun. Yes, I’ll tell you, it doesn’t take much to entertain me…
  • and last, but not least, PRESSING MY FACE TO JUST-PRINTED PAPER/just dried clothes.

Anything weird that you like or do? I’d like to know I’m not a complete wacko 😉

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