30DC: 07

Okay, so I’m going to start admitting that writing about myself is getting slightly tedious. Not because I’m not knowledgeable in the area, but because it’s really starting to make me examine and re-evaluate aspects of my life – especially the more questionable parts.

But, I guess, that was one of the intentions of creating this website, to start documenting my progress through my twenty-somethings and truly make me accountable for my living (thus, the DIY part – ha! it’s not all about crafts).

I digress…

Prompt of the day: 5 pet peeves

  1. When someone sneezes in a roomful of people, and not a damn was given that day. It’s not the scary to say “bless you” to a stranger – heck, you might get lucky and it might be your future spouse!
  2. Leaving the ends of the bread loaf for someone else to deal with. Is it that hard to throw it away, or turn it inside out and make another sandwich?! This goes doubly for when only crumbs are left in snack bags – I won’t judge you if you eat the entire thing, but I will if you’re being a scrooge and leave one bite of the chip left.
  3. People that use bluetooth/ear pieces while at the supermarket or another public place– If you’re going to be talking in a high pitched voice about yourself, I’m going to assume that you are clinically crazy and off your meds until you turn your head and I see your ear piece. Better yet… let me slowly back away…But in all honesty, I get the point of using a headset while you’re shopping because you needed to take the call or you just really, really, need someone to talk to while you’re doing something so mundane as shopping for your dinner, but, honestly, when I go shopping it’s to get away from life and contemplate how long I can put a food item in the fridge before it goes bad. I don’t want to add on top of that how you went to your dentist and you had three new cavities.
  4. People that don’t wash their hands after going to the bathroom.
  5. (in the same frame of thought) When guys don’t put the toilet seat down after using the bathroom. Not that I don’t mind having to put the toilet seat down, but I know you guys don’t always aim correctly.

What are your pet peeves?

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4 thoughts on “30DC: 07

  1. izzyskovira says:

    Whenever people ask me what my pet peeves are I always say the same two things: being unexpectedly picked up/carried and sharing drinks and food.

    • KHT says:

      Ah! i forgot about being picked up.. I’ll not that tall and everyone assumes that i’d like to be taller!

      is it all drinks and food with anybody? or just people you somewhat know? 🙂

      Thank you for stopping by!

      • izzyskovira says:

        for whatever reason, i dislike sharing drinks and food with anyone. its so funny, people would ask me if i would share drinks with my boyfriend and i was even reluctant to ever share with him!

      • KHT says:

        haha! I guess it really minimizes him/anyone else passing “sick germs” onto you. Maybe I should try this! 🙂

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