30DC: 02 & 03

I had utmost intentions of filling and posting this out yesterday, but alas reality duties stood in my way. But it’s okay. I’ve decided to consolidate two day’s worth of posts for your viewing pleasure!

02: Something you feel strongly about

I actually had to spend the better half of my morning yesterday thinking this over. You see, I’m a person of many passions but while I was going down my list of my beliefs I realized, I may strongly advocate for my beliefs, but there’s nothing that I would really prompt me to do anything (e.g. do a sit in). Yes, I believe in LGBT rights, am strongly pro-choice based on circumstances, pacifist while respecting the second amendment (sorry, guys, I lived in Texas for a while), and ferociously love Gaia, but unless it has direct correlation to me, it wasn’t the strong intensity that I think the prompt is calling for.

I took to ceiling gazing, progressed to nibbling on walnuts, and then consuming a whole apple before that cursed “aha!” moment appeared. So simple, I thought –  there is nothing that bothers me more than people that crush a child’s confidence. Be it from telling them that they can’t draw, can’t sing, need to lose weight, etc. I firmly believe you are stifling them from growing into their own skin. Children, from the moment of birth, are being scrutinized based on the current ideals of the norm – why, as a mother, father, aunt, uncle, cousin, whatever, adding to the mix of viciousness? You should be building them up to face the world.

Yes, you could argue, that verbal insults are tough love – that what your’e saying is not as harsh as the taunts heard on playgrounds. So you find fault in your child – but do you have to proclaim it for them to hear? Why not do something else about it — so they may not be in the weight range as other children – go outside! Look at what you’re feeding your children and alter it. They aren’t behaving like they should? Teach them right from wrong, but don’t go so far to say that they are dim-witted.

I firmly believe that there is a time and place for everything, and while your child is developing, destroying what little self image they are building is just plain wrong.

** in no way do I condone helicopter mothers and parents that yell at teachers when their children receive poor marks. I just feel that parents are there to nurture, not create psychological problems for their kids later on. Grey Gardens being a nice example.

03: A book you love

Oh, books, let me count the ways I love thee…

I grew up extremely sheltered. Books were my only consolidation, my one gateway to the world of social interactions and trivial human problems (ahem, thank you “Are you There God, it’s Me, Margaret” for giving me insight). Out of the many years of reading, there have been only a couple of books that have had me return time and time again, staying into the wee hours of the night reading. To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, Alice and Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, and Grimm’s Fairytales to be some of my favorites. But, The Princess Bride by William Goldman (movie and books) beat out the rest.

As you can see, my favorite’s list is kinda leaning towards the fairytale world. Yes, non-fics and other works of fiction are absolutely wonderful (Catfish and MandalaThe Harry Potter Series, Les Miserables), but there’s something special about fairytales.

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