Dirty Thirty*

*post may not be suitable for all viewers

While on my usual hour of interweb surfing, I stumbled across this piece on thirty things every woman should know before they turn 30, and a reaction piece. While perusing the list – #6 stood out the most – A past juicy enough that you’re looking forward to retelling it in your old age. I admit wholeheartedly that I tend to play it safe unless in the heat of the moment. But, for the most part, I’m a micromanaging nut.

And, because I love lists and can’t seem to go a day without one, I thought to myself “why not?”. I wholeheartedly believe – and you may disagree – that while in your 20’s the world is yours for the taking. If you’re like me, you’re away at college, you’re not married, you have enough money in your account to splurge every once in a while, and you’re at your prime. Why waste your life now, when you’re going to be burdened with it later on? “Old enough to know better, but too young to care”.

So, I present to you, my carefully crafted dirty thirty list. Although not altogether “dirty” in nature, I see it as my “before thirty bucket list” – what’s in yours?

  1. Color Run
  2. Take a cruise to Alaska (preferably the Disney kind)
  3. Backpack through Yosemite for a week
  4. Start a retirement fund (yes, a bit boring, but it’s never too early to start one)
  5. Get my masters (or in the process) in Historical Preservation
  6. snow board in another state
  7. buzzed, wild, passionate, animalistic, once-in-a-lifetime, sex
  8. Be almost debt free, whatever that means.
  9. learn to box
  10. find a way to release anger, frustration, and pent up energy (boxing?)
  11. Go to SD’s Comic Con
  12. Drive along the CA coast
  13. Get in the best shape possible
  14. Drink so much I black out
  15. learn to pole dance
  16. learn to chair dance
  17. Take boudoir photographs
  18. Become a semi-expert in wine
  19. Sex Marathon
  20. learn to surf
  21. cliff/rock diving/jumping
  22. Mardi Gras
  23. Hike the Grand Canyons
  24. Not get pregnant
  25. Get engaged
  26. Dye parts of my hair/whole head a different, drastic color (pink! purple! blue!)
  27. adopt a pet, whatever it may turn out to be
  28. Get my driver’s license
  29. Get properly fitted, boob-pushing, wooooowzer, bra. Maybe three?
  30. Do something unexpected.
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