First Impressions (are usually lasting)

If first impressions are the deal breaker for most, then, perhaps, it’s best to get this post out of the way.

What exactly are my hopes for this site? Well, first of all, to be lasting. So many times I’ve falling into the pit-fall of creating a blog only to discard it a few days later. Hopefully, not this time! And my other goals?

– weight tracker (ugh. not looking forward to this, but alas, it needs to be done)
– reading & book review lister
– diy project tracker
– all around ‘blog

Sounds simple, right? Of course it is!

Or, at least I hope so!


2 thoughts on “First Impressions (are usually lasting)

  1. I believe that’s why Billy Joel wrote the song, “Get It Right the First Time”!

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